selena-gomez-stalker.jpgSelena Gomez's alleged stalker, Thomas Broadnicki, 46, was freed from jail yesterday, but he's back in custody on a psychiatric hold due to growing concern that he may try to hurt the starlet.

Broadnicki was released after a judge dismissed the stalking case, claiming there was not enough evidence that he intended to harm the actress. However, mental health workers told authorities that Broadnicki had threatened to kill Gomez during a therapy session, so it seems as though the starlet does have reason to be concerned. Additionally, Gomez wrote in a sworn declaration that she is in "extreme fear" of Brodnicki.

A source tell E! News that Broadnicki is currently being evaluated to "determine whether he should continue to be confined at an undisclosed mental health facility." The state of California can legally hold him against his will for the next 72 hours while doctors examine him.

A civil restraining order requires Brodnicki to stay 100 yards away from Gomez, and a hearing is set for November 23 to determine whether the order will remain in place for the next three years.