Tara Reid may be in the latest American Pie flick, but she's already looking for a new gig and it seems like she has her sights set on Charlie Sheen's new Comedy Central show, Anger Management. Hey, we can't blame her for wanting a little job stability in this economy!

Tara started off by tweeting, "@charliesheen I want to be on your show!", and shortly after that the former Two and a Half Men star replied, "Flattered!! Can't wait to talk to you Tara!!” While Tara could have ended her night with that, she then re-tweeted Charlie's response and continued to write the following unintelligible messages to him and the rest of her followers:

    "@charliesheen add me ... @charliesheen call my brotrt now ... What's up noiw we have stalkwrs reply back ori widh u good look ... @charliesheen goodbifhgt xoxo ... @charliesheen. Call us now"

Tara later added, "It was all a joke nothing serious we were joking around love u all good night xoxo." Well, it IS her birthday today, so maybe she was getting her pre-party on last night and sending out a few loopy tweets?