tobey-maguire-poker-suit.jpgAfter being slapped with a lawsuit for his involvement in a string of allegedly illegal poker games, Tobey Maguire has agreed to settle in bankruptcy court for $80,000.

The Spider-Man star was one of 22 people sued for winnings paid out by con man Brad Ruderman, who was later convicted of wire fraud and investment fraud. A trustee from Ruderman Capital is trying to recover the $25 million allegedly lost in these poker games, which were said to have involved fellow A-list stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck.

Maguire reportedly won more than $300,000 in poker, and in the lawsuit, the bankruptcy judge determined the poker was "unlicensed and the winnings were ill-gotten gains from Ruderman's clients," according to THR. Maguire presented the settlement on November 18, and in addition to the sum of money he's prepared to hand over, he also denies any knowledge of Ruderman's Ponzi scheme and agreed not to make any claim on the bankrupt estate. A hearing date has been set for December 21, and if the judge approves Maguire's settlement, he will be released from the ongoing case.