Angelina Jolie is preparing for the release of her directorial debut In The Land of Blood and Honey, and to promote her latest effort, she's covering Newsweek in a rather unique cover shot.

Her movie depicts a love story set against the background of the Bosnian War and deals with the plight of the war's refugees. Brad Pitt's wifey tells the mag:

    The people felt as though the world had forgotten them. It was a time of great pain, and I wanted to depict how courageous people werewithout offending anyone.

However, one person who was offended by the movie's storyline is Croatian journalist and author James J. Braddock. In a lawsuit filed in Illionois, Braddock claims Jolie stole the movie's premise from an article he wrote back in 2007.

The lawsuit, claiming copyright infringement, reads:

    "The subject work's main female character is subject to continuous abuse and rape by soldiers and officers in the camp. In addition to being raped continuously by soldiers and officers, she is forced to become a servant at the camp headquarters, a duty assumed by very few of the captives."

Let's hope Angie's movie lives up to all this hype! In the Land of Blood and Honey hits theaters on December 23.