jacket jeans Angelina Jolie Quality Meats
Angelina Jolie white jacket sunglasses

Black or white, Angelina Jolie looks picture-perfect in any ensemble!

The gorgeous actress did a quick-change in NYC on Tuesday night, donning an all-black tuxedo suit for a trip to five star restaurant, Quality Meats, before changing into a cream colored jacket and dress with matching shoes, for a night out on the town.

Jolie is in the city to promote her writing/directorial debut, In The Land of Blood and Honey, and she recently explained that her new film is especially important for younger audiences.

The Oscar winner told MTV News at the film's premiere: "This young audience will be interested because [of] the characters they'll identify with them. This is the '90s. They may have been children or not alive during that time, but they're watching people who were 18 years old, 10 years old in a European cosmopolitan society, and it's what would have happened if they went to war."

In the Land of Blood and Honey hits theaters Dec 23.