Talk about on-screen chemistry carrying over into real life!

New Year's Eve co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michele certainly appeared to be more than work buddies at the film's premiere the other night and even during their junket interviews, the two were pretty cozy.

In this clip from OnTheRedCarpet, Lea and Ashton are leaning into each other and making googly eyes ... and Lea even invites Ashton to her house for New Year's Eve!

However, amid the extreme sexual tension between these two, Lea begins her answer to the question of why NYE is so important, like this:

    "I think people like having the opportunity to feel like they have a second chance -- that they can do things over and start fresh. Whether or not they actually do, it's just a way to begin the year and try."

Uh, hello! Could she be talking about Ashton redeeming himself after allegedly cheating on his estranged wife Demi Moore? Awkward!!!