sheen-mueller-ok-after-arrest.jpgBrooke Mueller was arrested for assault and cocaine possession in Aspen last weekend, but ex-husband Charlie Sheen will not be seeking custody of their two-year-old twin sons Bob and Max, according to online reports.

Sheen "doesn't think it's in his sons' best interests" to pursue any changes in their current custody arrangement, and a source tells Radar, "Charlie knows that Brooke is battling a horrible disease, but that she is inherently a good person, and great mother. Charlie won't be going to court anytime soon to seek custody of the boys, or to make any changes in custodial time. Charlie is much more interested in helping Brooke, and knows that hauling her into court right now would not benefit anyone in the long run."

Mueller returned to Los Angeles with their sons last night, and a man thought to be Sheen was seen at her house, according to TMZ. When Mueller was locked up in Aspen, her parents wouldn't bail her out, and it was Sheen who reportedly posted the $11,000 bond. Sheen filed for divorce from Mueller in November 2010, and despite a very bitter split and custody battle, it sounds like these two are on much better terms now!