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She may be an international movie star, but Elle Fanning is still just a 13-year-old girl who loves sleepovers!

The Super 8 star arrived at a friend's house in Studio City on Wednesday afternoon with a pillow in hand, and we couldn't help but notice that the actress has filled out a little bit more since the holidays. But hey, who doesn't love to overindulge at Christmastime?

The youngest Fanning sister recently shared with Teen Vogue what its been like to act with A-list celebs, confessing: I always feel like theyre just a namelike theyre not real at first. Then once you get to know them, youre like, Thats Scarlett and Matt! Its not, like, Matt Damon.

The blonde beauty also confessed her current crush: Ryan Gosling! "Me and my friends saw Crazy, Stupid, Love, and we were freaking out, " she gushed. "Everyone falls in love with him after that."

Don't forget about The Notebook, Elle!