jeans sunglasses boots Eva Longoria

It pays to have a BFF with his very own hair salon conveniently located in Beverly Hills!

Eva Longoria emerged from Ken Paves Salon on Tuesday with a bouncy blowout worthy of a hair commercial, which almost distracted us from that gorgeous black Hermès Birkin she was toting -- just how many does this woman own?

In other news, the Desperate Housewives star has been getting very political via Twitter.

The diehard Obama supporter lashed out against potential Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich this month, Tweeting: @newtgingrich you clearly know little about the Latina community, Latina entrepreneurs who start businesses at 6 times the national average.

But Eva gushed of our current Prez: [Obama] speaks to the Latino community because he knows hes the president of all Americans. We applaud you from our community. We thank you for everything youre doing.

Maybe Miss Longoria should think about a future career in politics?