glasses running skinny divorce glasses running skinny divorce

Today Demi Moore went to her fav nail salon yet again, and the 49-year-old actress was in such a rush to get to her car, she dropped her pricey wayfarers and didn't even bother picking them up!

Sadly, it seems like her divorce from Ashton Kutcher is really taking a toll on her once stunning looks -- not only has she dropped a significant amount of weight, but she appears to have aged ten years in the last ten weeks. Of course, she's always looked about a decade younger than she really is, so now that she finally looks every other late fortysomething out there, it can't be that bad, right?

While Demi is no longer wearing her wedding ring, she is still wearing her Kabbalah bracelet, which is interesting when you consider Ashton was recently spotted without his. Demi was the one who attempted to use the religion to save her marriage, trying everything from counseling to camping retreats, so it seems like she's a true believer!