janet-eating-interview.jpgIt's no secret that Janet Jackson has struggled with her weight over the years, and now the singer (and recently appointed NutriSystem spokeswoman) is sharing her story with Access Hollywood.

Your scale can be your worst enemy, so its really not about a number its about looking in the mirror and feeling good about you and feeling healthy and loving who you are when you see that person in the mirror, Janet tells the show, in an interview airing tonight. I am an emotional eater. There are people that dont eat when theyre stressed. I eat when I stress, when Im down, when Im in that state of not being in the greatest space. And thats my place of comfort that I go to for that moment. Then I kick myself after doing it.

In addition to talking about her battle with the bulge, Janet revealed shes nervous for her niece, Paris Jackson, who is set to make her feature film debut in Lundons Bridge and the Three Keys. Im excited for her, but it worries me a little bit, Janet said. I wish that she would maybe wait ... I got into the business at a young age. Its not an easy thing. Your childhoodyou completely lose and I didnt get to experience that, so she has the rest of her adult life to be that actress that she wants to be and I told her that. Yeah, I told her I would take this time to just study really, really study the craft.