111230mayer082511_01_X17%20copy.jpgJohn Mayer has completely changed his tune.

The "Waiting on the World to Change" singer, who deleted his Twitter account after receiving some flack for his "offensive" remarks, has ironically written a blog post that expresses his distaste for the overuse of sarcasm.

Mayer expressed:

    "If you want to be truly intimidating, if you want to make an impact, if you want to have a strong connection with others, just be sincere. Sarcasm is not an attitude, and it's not a personality trait. It's a style of rhetoric meant to be used occasionally to highlight a larger point. Saying you're a sarcastic person is like saying your favorite cuisine is salt. Sarcasm is easy because you never have to take a stance. And thats just the problem; It's so noncommittal."

The musician -- who once called former flame Jessica Simpson "sexual napalm" went on to say:

"I don't know when the lines got crossed and it was deemed attractive to be ambiguous and critical. Girls don't like it when guys do it and guys don't like it when girls do it. I live in a city of cool people with the absolute worst PR representatives: themselves."

Mayer concluded with the message: "Be yourself, even if that means being unsure or uneasy. Let someone else put you at ease. Meet them in the middle. Be sincere."