snow aspen ski
snow aspen ski

After being named on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) worst dressed list for 2010, Kate Hudson is STILL rocking real fur, donning fur-lined boots and a shearling jacket Saturday in Aspen.

The actress was doing some last-minute shopping for someone on her list who received some J. Crew goods this Christmas morning.

But back to the fur ... Kate and her mom Goldie, who's a Buddhist, always wear fur during their annual holiday trip to the chic mountain village. So what gives? These ladies claim to be environmentalists; Goldie's Buddhism should require her not to ever do harm to animals ... so why are they still sporting fur???

PETA claimed Kate's furocious habits were causing other troubles for the actress, saying this in the press release for last year's worst dressed list:

    Kate, there's no easier way to lose a guy in 10 days than by wearing a hairball. Maybe your furs are the reason why 'A Rod ran for home.'