boots jeans brentwood Marcia Cross sweater kids
boots jeans brentwood Marcia Cross sweater kids

No matching outfits for Marcia Cross' girls!

The Desperate Housewives star took her darling twins, Eden and Savannah, on a shopping trip in Brentwood after dance class, and these ladies definitely have their own style.

Cross recently told Parent & Child magazine of her very individual 4-year-old daughters:

    Though twins, theyre completely different! One of them recently started karate and watching her first tournament blew me away. The other one is into dance. You have to be open to the different directions they take."

The actress also revealed that she's far different from the "perfect" character she plays on TV.

People are always really surprised because my character on the show seems perfect, she has it all together, and Im the opposite. I struggle like every other mother, and Im constantly trying to figure out how to do it better or cut myself some slack when somethings not exactly right."