Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

She's just landed her first major movie role, and now Paris Jackson is ready to start the interview circuit!

The 13-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson made her first solo appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about becoming an actor, having a normal childhood, and the last piece of advice her dad ever gave her.

Paris on how the King of Pop inspired her to become an actor:

    "I love acting. When I was really little my Dad was in the movie Moonwalker and I knew he could sing really well but I didnt know he could act. I saw that and I said, wow, I want to be just like him. We would do improv together. He would give us little scenarios. He would ok, in this scene youre going to cry and Id cry on the spot."

The budding actress also opened up on those masks Michael used to make her, and her siblings, wear when they'd venture out in public:

    "Yeah, Im like this is stupid why am I wearing a mask? But I kind of realized the older I got like he only tried to protect us and hed explain that to us too."

Miss Jackson also confessed on going to a regular school, after having private tutors her entire life:

    "I love it. Its definitely a different experience. I do have like a regular childhood. I mean, Im treated the same. When I came to Buckley (her school) they didnt know who I was. I was like, yes, I have a chance to be normal."

Paris then revealed of the most important thing her dad ever told her:

    "He said, if I die tomorrow always remember what I told you. I took his advice and I remembered everything he told me."

Ellen then surprised Jackson with her very own directors chair and directors slate!

Check out the full interview on Ellen, airing Thursday, Dec. 15.