Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

After being married just over a year, Russell Brand and Katy Perry are already facing those pesky divorce rumors, but the sexy British star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to finally set the record straight!

Brand jokingly tells Ellen on the alleged split:

    "What? She shouldve of told me. Yeah, there are always rumors arent there. In the end you have to just not engage with Internet technology, which is difficult because a lot of the nude women websites I quite enjoy. But theyve had to go. Ive treated the whole Internet now like its a wicked little liar. Yeah. I am really happily married."

The Arthur star adds:

    "I heard that rumor because you know if your job is to be on Telly and show off somebody will go theres a rumor. Like someone that works with you. Its called publicity or PR. There is a rumor. What is it? Youve split up. Oh, no. Am I enjoying? Yes. Where am I now? Youre here. Good, good. Well, Just keep me informed. Being famous is like a little bit of you is taken away and goes off and lives on its own and does what it wants. I wish it would do more interesting things."

Perry also denied reports of a breakup, Tweeting Wednesday night: "First I'm pregnant & then I'm divorced. What am I All My Children?!"

So now that those nasty divorce rumors have been cleared up, will the couple be starting a family in the New Year?

    "I would like one. I love those little babies in the beginning. Theyre so lovely in that bit. Me and Katy are godparents to two twin boys ... They are just a year old. At first they were boring. They were just essentially little fluid factories. Generating fluids. No regard for what I was wearing."

Catch Brand's full interview on Ellen today!