oscar-back-in-court.jpgAngelica Marie Cecora already announced that she was suing Oscar De La Hoya, claiming he imprisoned her during "a kinky night of sex and drugs," and now it's been revealed that she wants an apology -- and $5 million -- from the boxing champ.

Cecora told reporters after a hearing today at Manhattan Supreme Court, “Oscar needs to acknowledge his mistakes. He knows he did something wrong." De La Hoya wasn’t present at the hearing, but his lawyer said he’s been to rehab and is trying to start fresh. "Mr. De La Hoya has made mistakes but he's changed his act," Judd Burstein told the press. "[Cecora will] probably be the last one who can make such claims."

So what all is Cecora claiming happened? Apparently after dinner and drinks, she had sex with De La Hoya, and he then ordered $200 worth of cocaine and $100 worth of marijuana to his room. Things got even freakier when Cecora and De La Hoya engaged in "an extreme sex act" with her roommate and several sex toys, and the night became really sticky when Cecora reportedly tried to go to sleep and De La Hoya tried to drag her out of bed three times to have sex. She “was afraid to leave the hotel room because she feared that the defendant would attempt to have sex with her against against her will,” according to court papers.

Cecora is seeking damages for emotional distress, imprisonment, assault and battery.