Yet another video diary allegedly featuring Casey Anthony has hit the web, and she shows off a new look and chats about her nose piercing, among other things. Casey was acquitted last July of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but according to those who have seen the 2-minute video in its entirety, she still makes no mention of her little girl.

The photos and videos were posted on several Twitter accounts, with users claiming they originally found the clips on pay sites. One user, Jon Briley told Nancy Grace that he made the video public on his page because he didn't want anyone to profit from it. "I uploaded it into YouTube and into 'The Boycott,' what we use up there, and the reason I uploaded it was so it was free for everybody," he said in a statement. "There would be no paying for it; there would be no money made off of it."

The first video, which was reportedly recorded two months ago, hit the web earlier this week, but Casey's defense attorney Cheney Mason says that she was not responsible for posting the video, adding that the material was meant to be private and part of her therapy.

"Casey has been keeping notes and memoirs, particularly for her personal use for future counseling. This will help her remember her thought processes," Mason said in a statement.