Charlie Sheen robe smoking cigarette laughing smile drugs filming

How can you not smile, when you're collecting a hefty paycheck to wear a robe, and smoke cigarettes, and generally just be yourself for a few hours?

Chrarlie Sheen was having a blast on the set of his newest Direct TV commercial in LA, even taking a break to joke around with the crew, on Friday afternoon.

The former Two and a Half Men star is gearing up to begin shooting his upcoming TV comedy, Anger Management, in which he'll play a former baseball player with rage issues, who then becomes an unconventional anger management counselor.

Sheen is currently looking to cast roles for his new show, and he has just one lady in mind: Selma Blair. He told Access Hollywood this week, "She's a strong front runner and she's a very special lady and I think as pretty as the day is long and she has never really had the opportunity to do something where she can really shine. Off camera she's hilarious."