sheen-men-quote-end.jpgWhile Charlie Sheen has praised Ashton Kutcher for his work on Two and a Half Men, it's a bit of a backhanded compliment, as the actor has also made it clear that he thinks the show should end after this year.

"I've done what he's done," Sheen told the New York Post at a TV convention in Miami today. "I've replaced a guy [Michael J. Fox on Spin City]. It's so f***ing hard, you can't believe it. It's all you're thinking about, and you're surrounded by these ghosts. So, hats off to him for doing the best job that he can."

That being said, Sheen still thinks it's time to put the show to rest. "I don't think they should go on past this year. I don't think that [Kutcher's] working with the best writing because Chuck is doing too many shows. He and Jon [Cryer] and Angus [T. Jones] deserve better material. They deserve what I had for the first five years. I don't want to harp on them. Let the clueless stay clueless. I was a puppet there for ratings. But, whatever -- I don't care. I've moved on, and whatever they're doing there is none of my business."