Today Tallulah Willis was spotted at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, and she doesn't appear to be handling mother Demi Moore's meltdown as well as her older sister Rumer. Tallulah went off on photographers and attempted to hide under her shirt, and we're told that the underage starlet was smoking cigarettes in the parking lot as well.

Tallulah, who turns 18 on Friday, is reportedly living with dad Bruce Willis, and the two ventured out on Sunday to get a spa treatment at the Four Seasons Hotel. While Rumer had been spending a bit more time with their mom in the days and weeks leading up to her hospitalization, middle sister Scout is still at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

As you know, a 911 call was placed after Demi smoked a mysterious substance and started convulsing, and while Tallulah wasn't there, it's now being reported that Rumer may have been with her mom when all this went down.