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Gwen Stafani, Gavin Rossdale Kingston Zuma Shabu, Shabu


Gwen Stefani must be searching for inspiration for her Harajuku clothing lines!

The singer/clothing designer went on a tour of Little Tokyo in LA Saturday with her family, perhaps on the lookout for new trends to feature in her Japanese street style-inspired clothing lines for adults and children.

Hubby Gavin Rossdale toted the pair's youngest son, Zuma, when he wasn't being pushed in the stroller by mom. And Kingston plugged along, taking in the sites and some yummy lunch as well.

Stefani's clothing lines are named after the trendy youth who hang around the Harajuku train station in Tokyo. The girls are known to wear outrangeous, colorful looks, reminiscent of anime and manga characters.

LA's gentrified Little Tokyo neighborhood isn't quite so wild, but Gwen has been known to take the kids there for weekend outings and even pick up some brightly-colored home decor in the area's boutiques.

After their downtown outing, the family went to the park to let loose. Check out the game between the boys and their mom!

Gwen Stafani, Gavin Rossdale Kingston Zuma Shabu, Shabu Park
Gwen Stafani, Gavin Rossdale Kingston Zuma Shabu, Shabu Park