jeremy-renner-bar-brawl.jpgJeremy Renner was at the Rachada Pub in Phuket, Thailand when six male staffers stabbed a fellow patron, but his rep tells X17online that the actor "was not injured or involved."

Renner's rep added that he "exited as the fight took place and is currently in Manila shooting The Bourne Legacy." While we're glad the Oscar nominee is unharmed, Vorasit Issara, the general manager the Siri Panwa Resort, was stabbed in the stomach and neck. According to the Phuket News, the assailants attacked Issara with "a variety of clubs and cutting instruments, including a home-made axe fashioned from a motorcycle brake rotor," and this morning they were charged with attempted murder.

Several websites reported that Renner and Issara were drinking at the bar when Issara dropped his glass on the floor, which apparently prompted the six employees to launch into attack mode. There are also reports that Vorasit had beef with the staff before the fight erupted, so it looks like Renner was in the wrong place at the wrong time!