230the-biggest-loser-jillian-michaels-shares-top-ten-fitness-tips.bmpJillian Michaels could become a mom in 2012!

The Biggest Loser trainer made the choice to leave the show last year so she could focus on starting a family, and now Michales can finally confirm that she will soon welcome a baby girl!

Jillian revealed to Access Hollywood Live:

    “I’ve been matched with a little girl, but, I now have to get her home… It could take up to a year to get her home.”

The fitness guru confessed that going through the process of trying to adopt a child from Haiti isn't easy, but after meeting the little girl while on a trip there, she knows it will be worth the wait.

“I’m actually so excited. The government shut down almost, [and] all I could think about was my 600A [immigration adoption] form ... So now I’m this much closer and all the paperwork is done. It just needs to go to the various embassies — it’s a godsend,” she said.