230perryrc082811_01_X17.jpgIn just a year's time, the couple went from confessing their love for each other on Twitter, to Katy Perry completely unfollowing her soon-to-be ex-hubby, aka RustyRockets, on the social media site.

How very passive aggressive of her!

Brand, who filed for divorce from Katy last month, is still following his ex on Twitter page, but his last Tweet was Jan. 5 so he may not have gotten around to removing her just yet.

The Arthur star said in a statement after the divorce that he knows they'll "remain friends," but unfortunately, their Twitter relationship has officially come to an end.

"She's limiting those interactions. He's being so atrocious that she feels like she never really knew him," a source tells US Weekly. "Katy is insulted and feels betrayed that Russell has treated her so poorly. She will never forgive him. Ever."