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Kim Kardashian glasses shopping Beverly Hills
Kim Kardashian glasses shopping Beverly Hills

Kim's still goin' strong!

Despite some fairly negative media after it was announced she'd divorce Kris Humphries so soon after the couple's lavish wedding, the lead Kardashian is still plugging away.

Her fans surrounded her at a Beverly Hills spectacle shop Saturday and the reality star obliged when asked to pose for photos.

Still, not everyone's in love with Kim K ... the web site BoycottKim.com has attracted more than half a million signatures from supporters who agree to stop supporting businesses that work with Kim. Ouch!

The site's founder, who wishes to remain anonymous, has reportedly been contacted by Kim's legal counsel. In fact, the site implored users to contact Kim's attorney to voice their displeasure over reports Kardashian Klothing is made in Chinese sweatshops. The link on BoycottKim.com to the Kardashian's lead lawyer has since been removed.

The site was launched Nov 2 and the founder says he's aiming for a million signatures. He claims Kim and her family "are a stain on our culture" and "an embarrassment for our country." What do YOU think?