Beverly Hills Kim, Kourtney Kardashian salon shopping

Yesterday Kourtney Kardashian went shopping in Beverly Hills, and the starlet covered up her barely-there baby bump with several shopping bags. Since it's been all about Kim and Khloe lately, we almost forgot Mason's mommy was pregnant with baby number two!

Before her retail therapy session, Kourt squeezed in some time with Kim, and later in the day the sisters tweeted at each other about 911 calls hitting the web, presumably in response to the one which resulted in Demi Moore's hospitalization.

Kim wrote, "Is it disturbing 2 anyone else that 911 calls can be released 2 the public?I think its so private &should only be allowed in court if needed." Kourt retweeted it and added, "Its horrifying and disgusting!" Wait, so leaked 911 calls are "disgusting" but hearing about her leaky oil enema isn't? Just sayin'!