CibrianRimes082811_32_X17WM230.jpgAfter seeing LeAnn Rimes' rockin' bod on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas and Maui, it's no wonder Hugh Hefner has been interested in getting the 29-year-old country hottie to strip down for the iconic magazine.

Hef has not only asked LeAnn once ... but three times!

When asked recently about whether she'd consider going nude for Playboy, LeAnn said:

    "They've asked 3 times. My mom would kill me, but it's flattering."

Ironically, LeAnn's hubby Eddie Cibrian recently starred in NBC's now-cancelled series The Playboy Club.

With Lindsay Lohan's issue selling like hotcakes, we have a feeling LeAnn's would be up there with the bestsellers, too.

Don't give up, Hef!