Brett Ratner is reportedly interested in making a movie that would show "the real" Michael Jackson, and he recently met with Frank Cascio, author of “My Friend Michael" and a longtime pal of the late King of Pop.

Cascio reportedly met Jackson in 1984 and became his assistant and eventually his manager, and his book documents the singer's highs and lows, including child molestation charges and prescription drug use. Ratner was also friends with Jackson, and a source close to the director tells NY Daily News that he has toyed around with the idea of making biopic on the singer for a while. At the time of Jackson's death, Ratner told the LA Times that he “was the most inspirational person in my life ... When you were with him, you really felt like God was within him.” Hmm...

In other news, the teaser for the special MJ tribute episode of Glee has hit the web, and it features Darren Criss covering Jackson's hit, "Wanna Be Startin' Something". Click thru to watch!