Next year's The X Factor will be looking a bit different ... now that Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones have been given the boot.

The three show regulars have been fired, according to The Wrap.

A source tells the site:

    "They expected Paula to be the goofy girl, and Nicole to be the pretty one. But Paula was so bad that it made none of it work."

The site adds that Executive Producer Simon Cowell wanted to make "a clean sweep" and will now be looking for new talent to replace the three.

The source adds:

    "They survived this year, but it didn’t really work. So they’ve figured they have an opportunity to fix it.

Fox has confirmed that the former Pussycat Dolls singer and Jones have, indeed, left the show. However, the network has yet to confirm Abdul's departure.

The X Factor's September debut was watched by 12.49 million viewers. Simon Cowell claimed The X Factor would beat Idol in the ratings, however the show failed to achieve that goal.