Seal is about to embark on a big publicity push for his upcoming album Soul 2, and X17online has learned that his label, Warner Bros. Records, is not preventing media outlets from asking questions about his recent split from Heidi Klum.

The "Kiss From A Rose" singer is taping The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday afternoon. As for whether Ellen will ask questions about his separation from Heidi, a publicist at Warner Bros. Records tells X17online exclusively:

    "Out of respect to Seal, we don't think Ellen will go there with the questioning. She's not tabloidy. If this were Wendy Williams, that would be different."

The couple's split being announced the day before Seal's big record release is "purely coincidental," the rep at the label tells us. She adds:

    "Seal and Heidi's split has nothing to do with his new album coming out tomorrow. He's had these promotional dates scheduled for months. This is horrible timing."

But as we know, even bad publicity can work in someone's favor. The publicist admits:

    "As sad as it is, their split has definitely generated awareness to the new album. We'll support him as best we can."

The first single “Let’s Stay Together" from the new album was released on November 1. Pretty ironic title, don't you think?