Taylor Armstrong's problems continue to unravel on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now the reality star's friends are trying to get her into rehab, according to RadarOnline.

Just last week, a very emotional Taylor was seeing getting help from a girlfriend while making her way to the car after dinner at Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood.

In our video, she can be seen clearly stumbing and was having a hard time holding herself up.

A source close to Armstrong tells Radar:

    "Taylor's closest friend and advisers have told her that she needs to go to rehab. Taylor admits that alcohol has become her crutch in dealing with Russell's suicide, and coping with the drama of being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Taylor's husband, Russell, was found dead at 47 on August 15 after an apparent suicide. The source goes on to say:

    "Taylor recognizes that alcohol is playing a much larger role in her life than she would like, but she is refusing to go to rehab, primarily because of Kennedy. Kennedy has already endured the loss of her father, and Taylor just doesn't want to spend any time away from her, period."

Her daughter Kennedy, whom she had with Russell, is five years old.

Check out Taylor's unsteady exit from Craig's restaurant in our exclusive video below.