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An estimated 150 Academy Award nominees gathered for the annual luncheon held in their honor at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Monday, but it was Best Actor noms George Clooney and Brad Pitt who stole the show!

Clooney, who looked dapper in a dark silver suit, is expected to win the Best Actor nod for his role in The Descendants, but he says his favorite part of awards season is getting to hang out with old friends.

"A lot of people at home think we all hang out together. I think they think we're always at the Hilton drinking champagne. The truth is I hadn't seen Brad in about a year" Clooney told reports at the luncheon. "So it's fun to catch up, and it's fun to see people I like and haven't seen in a long time."

The Moneyball star also joked with reporters of his old pal, saying, "I met this guy named George. G-g-george, Jorge Clooney. Very nice guy. Very personable and very nice guy."

Meanwhile, Best Actress nominee Michelle Williams looked pretty and sweet in a 60's-inspired shift dress from Victoria Beckham's new line, "Victoria," which perfectly complimented her cute pixie 'do.

She's already won the Golden Globe, but wIll Michelle take home the Oscar for My Week With Marilyn?