Blake-03.jpgELLE/Tom Munro

Blake-cover-230.jpgBlake Lively covers the March cover of ELLE Magazine, and the Gossip Girl hottie shows off her sexy stems and chats about fashion and the famous men in her life.

Blake has been linked to Penn Badgley, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Reynolds, but she insists that she doesn't date around. “I’ve had four boyfriends in my whole life," she says. "I’ve never been with anyone that’s not a boyfriend. If I spend time with a man, it’s because there’s somebody that I know well who has been a friend for a while.“

So what about her romance with DiCaprio last summer? "I've never gone on a date. Maybe I'm too shy," Lively says. "If I've ever had a man in my life, it's because I know him well, and he really means something to me. I don't take that stuff lightly. I’d rather be by myself than be spending any time or energy on somebody that I didn't feel sure about."

Moving on from her love life, Blake talks about how she'd like to start a family at some point in the future. “I hope to have a few girls one day," she says. "If not girls, they better be trannies. Because I have some amazing shoes and bags and stories that need to be appreciated.” Er...we're thinking GLAAD is going to be commenting on this one in 3...2...