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Britney Spears jayden sean preston pink shirt wave
Britney Spears jayden sean preston pink shirt wave

Rocking a newly slimmed-down figure in preparation for her wedding to Jason Trawick, Britney Spears looked like a sexy soccer mom in a pink polo tee as she escorted sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to their sports practice in Calabasas, on Thursday.

According to a leaked album jacket for Madonna's upcoming album, MDNA, it appears Miss Spears is making an appearance on the album's lead track, "Girls Gone Wild."

The sexy duo stole the show at the 2003 VMAs when they shared a steamy onstage kiss while performing together, but don't expect Madonna to plant a smooch on Spears at this year's VMAs!

When asked by ABC News is she would kiss the pop princess again, Madge confessed, "No, I already did it. I don't like to repeat myself."