Courteney Cox jilly kimmel dress legs autographs

After her late-night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cougar Town actress Courteney Cox looked oh-so-sexy in a tight red dress and platform heels. Wow ... hard to believe she's 47!

Ms. Cox opens up to Kimmel about her recent remarks to Howard Stern ... when she admitted she hasn't had sex since splitting from David Arquette eighteen months ago. She tells Kimmel:

    "It was such a weird thing, because I'm so used to David doing Howard Stern. He would go on all the time and always regret for talking so much. He couldn't help it, and he was like 'I hope you're not going to be mad at me.' ... This is the first time that I actually called him and I was like 'I hope you're not gonna be mad at me.'"

Great to see the Friends star isn't afraid to tackle any topic ... and make crazy faces, too!

Courteney Cox jilly kimmel dress legs autographs

Cox and Arquette have remained friends through their split. Kimmel adds, "You're really making everyone that's ever split up with anyone look very, very bad."