Emma Roberts is newly single and living in a brand new $1.4 million Hollywood Hills estate.

The 20-year-old starlet, who recently split from beau Chord Overstreet, purchased the three bedroom pad ... which also boasts a personal gym, media room and a secluded garden. The home doesn't have a pool, but perhaps the starlet will have one built!

In a recent interview with Jay Leno, Roberts dished:

    "Its a huge responsibility. I didn't realize how much work goes into having a house. I thought when I got my house I would have friends over all the time, but I'm so crazy about anything getting scratched or spilled, I've turned into a 40-year-old woman stopping people and asking them to use a coaster."

Wonder when Auntie Julia will be stopping by? Roberts adds, "It's embarrassing as my friends come round and put their feet up on the coach and I get all anxious about it."

The joys of being a young and rich homeowner.