clooney020812_17_X17WM230.jpgGeorge Clooney, who has been preparing for his one-night-only reading of 8, is opening up to The Advocate about working on the play revolving around Prop. 8 ... as well as those gay rumors.

Gorgeous George tells the mag:

    "I think it’s funny ... I’m not going to let anyone make it seem like being gay is a bad thing. My private life is private, and I’m very happy in it. Who does it hurt if someone thinks I’m gay? I’ll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay. I don’t give a s**t."

Clooney also talked about his reaction to seeing Michael Fassbender's penis in Shame.

George adds, "Well, c’mon. Every guy who saw that movie was like, “Jesus Christ,” at the exact same time."

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