JENNIFER-LOPEZ-GLOWING.jpgJennifer Lopez/Glowing

She may be 42 years old, but she's still got the body for it!

Jennifer Lopez is launching her 18th fragrance (yes, really!) and the actress/singer stripped off her clothes and got all oiled up for this sexy promo shot.

Lopez tells WWD, "Glowing is such a clean fragrance. That's what I've always been about...At the essence, it's still natural, earthy, clean and real, but a little different side of that. It's the woodsy side of it, which I think is kind of New York-y, darker and sexier."

She may be posing naked, but don't accuse her of being a media hungry celeb! Lopez also reveals that she feels the burn from entertainment news shows and gossip sites. "It's hard sometimes, I'm not going to lie," she says. "I try to stay away from the media as much as I can. Sometimes. I try not to take it too personally, because I don't think they do it just to me. But as a human being it feels like that. You feel like you're the only one being picked on. But the truth is, they pick on everybody. They really don't discriminate. I try to concentrate on all the great things I have going on in my life."

Hmm, like her 24-year-old boyfriend? We kid, we kid!