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They may be recently separated, but Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are still friends, and business partners!

The former Hollywood power couple reunited for an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, to spill some deets on their adorable twins, Max and Emme, and what it was like to work together on their new Spanish TV show, Q’ Viva.

Lopez on Max and Emme's musical skills:

    Ellen: Are they musical? Do they sing?
    Jennifer: Yes, they love to sing and dance. Emme loves to dance. She loves to perform. I’ll be honest. I think Emme has a bit of voice. I do. I’m not sure but I kind of hear it every once in a while. I’m not sure about Max as much but he has a big personality. He’s got like, my personality. Maybe Emme has Marc’s voice. We traded.
    Ellen: Either way they’re both good things.

The friendly exes also chatted with DeGeneres about their upcoming talent competition show, along with cohost Jamie King, and why one of the commercials for the show features Jennifer smacking Marc in the head.

The American Idol judge explains:

    Jennifer: They put a sound effect in there (referring to a clip from Q’Viva) it sounds like I’m slapping him hard. All I did was this (touches Marc’s head)
    Marc: She can’t help herself.
    Jennifer: You know what I mean…
    Marc: Now that’s the shot they can use tomorrow.
    Jennifer: I did it but when I saw it in TV it was like (slaps her hand loudly) Like I smacked him so hard…
    Marc: Trust me it hurt.
    Jennifer: It did not hurt….

Love hurts!

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