Millo Olive in Santa Monica Jessica Alba Honor scarf vest

Jessica Alba and her adorable daughter Honor were spotted running errands in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon, and it certainly looks like Honor grabbed one of her mom's fav accessories before they walked out the door!

While Jessica seems like a hip mom, she recently revealed that she's a bit strict when it comes to her parenting style. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jess admitted that she is harder on her kids than her parents were with her.

She said, "I did have that dreaded moment when my daughter decided that every answer I gave her wasn't a good one and she kept saying, 'But why mommy? But why mommy?', and I was like, 'Because I said so'. And I thought, 'Oh God, I'm that mom, I'm my mom.' My parents did use 'because I said so' and they were not strict. They were fun and cool and laid back and a way better time than me."

Jess continued, "I got good grades and I was going to Bible study all the time. I wasn't bad. But I rebelled, I guess. Like one time when I was fourteen or thirteen or something, I took my dad's Ford Probe to Jack in the Box. I took side streets. It was a car full of girls. We were bumping Sublime. I was a super bad kid." Can you imagine that?!