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Way to go Linds!

After checking in with her probation office in Santa Monica on Thursday afternoon, Lindsay Lohan exited the building with a big smile on her face, and a piece of paper granting her request to travel to NYC to host SNL!

The Mean Girls star will host the live show for the fourth time on March 3, and Lohan personally reached out to SNL exec producer Lorne Michaels to set up the gig, according to TMZ.

The troubled actress has been making great strides since her arrest for jewelry theft last year, and she received high marks from Judge Sautner on Wednesday, who told her, "You seem to be getting your life back on track, and that's what we all hoped for."

In other news, Lindsay has just signed on for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the Taylor-Burton Lifetime TV entitled, Liz And Dick.

Looks like Lilo is finally on the fast track to success!