Ahh, the teen years -- a time of rebellion. Such is the phase Miss Lourdes Leon appears to be in. She's lifted her long locks to reveal her newly-shorn scalp underneath ... she's been showing it off a lot since she got the recent shave.

So perhaps Madonna is hoping Kabbalah will give her youngsters some direction and keep them on the right path -- even during their teen years?

She packed up the minivan (ok, it was a chauffeur-driven SUV) and hauled the fam to the Beverly Hills Kabbalah Centre Saturday.

Madge was wearing her usual Chanel glovelets, paired with a somewhat clownish black and white-striped shirt, scarf and black Victoria's Secret Pink sweatpants. An interesting combo ...

The 53-year-old Material Girl brought along her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, 24, and he hung with Madonna's son Rocco as the group left the building. Madge's younger children David and Mercy were there as well.

But Madonna, shouldn't you be walking to the Centre? Driving's not allowed on Shabbat!