After rocking out during last weekend's Super Bowl halftime show, Madonna is now reflecting on the performance ... and also on M.I.A giving the bird during the song "Give Me All Your Luvin'."

Ryan Seacrest asks the Material Girl her thoughts and she replied:

    "It's one of those things…it's such a teenager, in a way, kind of irrelevant thing to do in one respect, but on the other hand there was such a feeling of love and unity there, what was the point?"

Ouch! Madonna went on to say:

    "I wasn't happy about it. I understand it's kind of punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity, it just seemed negative."

After admitting that she didn't know about the M.I.A. incident until after she left the stadium, the 53-year-old singer added, "It was just out of place."

Listen to the audio below: