Nicki Minaj stripes boots fashion week wig make up

Looking more like the Fruit Stripe zebra than a fashionista, Nicki Minaj hammed it up for photographers outside of the MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam party at New York Fashion Week. Fellow MAC spokesperson Ricky Martin also attended the event, which benefits HIV/AIDS programs all over the world.

People are still talking about Nicki's controversial performance at the Grammys, but Nicky told reporters for the Chicago Sun-Times that she didn't understand what the big deal was, and the act was for her upcoming film. She said, “You know how people write plays and movies? That’s what I did. I wrote that and I gave the world a tiny little preview of what was to come. And so I have to perform it on the set in which it would be in the movie, right?” Should be interesting to see where this goes!