aknox101611_12_X17WM230pic.jpgAmanda Knox has landed a $4 million dollar book deal for her life story, according the The New York Times.

Jonathan Burnham, publisher of HarperCollins, emailed the following description to the paper:

    "It is a story that everyone else seems to have told except for the person at the center of it all."

Knox, an American college student who is now 24, was imprisoned for four years in an Italian jail ... accused of murdering her roommate.

The email went on to say:

    "There has been plenty of rumor and conjecture about her personality, the role she played in events, and speculation about what happened. This book will tell the full story from her point of view for the very first time, and it will be told in her own words."

The book will reportedly include her prison diaries and newspaper reports.