ALiLandry112308_01_23-flip.jpg Ali Landry recently revealed that she and her husband, Alejandro Monteverde, abstained from sex until they got married. Who would have thought the sexy Doritos girl was so traditional?!

"Because of the situation I was in before, I was just treading lightly, and did not want to make any mistakes in this relationship," Landry said on The Wendy Williams show Thursday.

The 38-year-old stunner had good reason... turns out her first husband Mario Lopez cheated on her and still won't fess up to his bad behavior!

"Right after the honeymoon I started getting phone calls from these girls. I confronted him and he still -- to this day -- denied it and never apologized," she explained.

Miss Landry eventually got her happy ending with Monteverde, who she met after signing up for a theology class in LA. The happy-in-love duo have two children: daughter Estela, 4, and son Marcelo, 5 months.

Someone should tell the Extra host that cheaters never prosper!