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Alyson Hannigan Satyana pregnant Santa Monica
Alyson Hannigan Satyana pregnant Santa Monica

Alyson Hannigan showed off her growing baby bump in a dark blue sweater, plaid mini skirt and black tights while on a girls-only shopping trip with daughter Satyana in Santa Monica, on Monday afternoon.

Hannigan has had a very busy month promoting the upcoming flick American Reunion, while also planning a joint birthday celebration with her adorable 3-year-old -- they both share March 24 birthdays!

The How I Met Your Mother star recently told Celebrity Baby Scoop on her big bday plans, "I've been trying to figure out the best birthday party, but I think we might actually just do a trip to Disneyland with a few close friends instead of a big party. I think that would be really special for her and for all of us."