sunglasses David Beckham rolls royce car shots

C'mon, you know he's not running errands in this thing!

David Beckham was spotted in his black Rolls Royce this afternoon, and Victoria's hubby spent some quality time with one of his fav rides. He's reportedly selling his entire collection of cars at the couple's UK home, but it doesn't look like he has any plans to clear out his Los Angeles garage.

Becks will be getting rid of two Bentleys, a BMW 645, a Range Rover Sport and his Lamborghini Gallardo, along with three Harley-Davidson motorcycles. A source told The Sun, "David's collection is amazing and each of these vehicles is worth a fortune. They are hardly used and are kept in prize condition -- but David sees little point in them just mothballing in the UK and it's not practical to ship them to America. They will be sold off for other enthusiasts to enjoy. Their value easily exceeds half a million but their real worth will be the association with Becks."