jacket nyc Demi Lovato rehab

Demi Lovato was spotted leaving her New York City hotel last night, and while she was looking healthy and happy when we snapped her picture, she admits that she still struggles with her eating disorder and other mental health issues.

MTV premiered Demi's documentary, Stay Strong last night, and the 19-year-old singer is honest and states that she has slipped after leaving rehab in late 2010. "I cannot tell you that I haven’t thrown up since treatment ... I cannot tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment," she says. "This has been a daily battle.

Demi continues, "When I was four years old and I remember looking in the mirror and thinking I was fat I was constantly feeling guilty about my weight. I was overeating to compensate for not feeling worthy enough and then not knowing what to do. Even when I did lose 20lbs when I turned 12 because I stopped eating, it’s never enough. It was an obsession of the mind."

Last night Demi sat down with SuChin Pak for the After Show to chat about her recovery and how she's staying on track. "Doing the documentary was so interesting," Lovato told the audience. "I've never had cameras following me around. It was a challenge knowing it would be in front of the world. I felt really vulnerable and still do tonight in knowing that's what's in the world. I wouldn't change it, knowing some girl could hear it and be affected positively."